French Tip with a Twist

I did a research on the history of the French Manicure, however no precise data was to be found. From what I’ve gathered, it was during the 1920’s when celebrities popularized the style, and French Salons started applying the dainty design on women’s nails. This design has survived 2 world wars, and women are still as in love with it! Why? The design boasts a classic elegance that’s never dated.

When I was just a wee little girl I’d see the French Tip on my mom, and I just loved observing the process of application when she’d get her weekly manicure. I was so bent on learning to apply the design that I’d practice on my classmates’ nails. I got many opportunities to practice when I gave out free French Manicures! They didn’t seem to mind when I’d give them the French Tip using liquid paper for erasures instead. Talk about innovation. When I was in my late teens my boyfriend expressed his opinion about my penchant for the classic manicure style. He said he found it clean and classy. In fact, he expressed that he loved seeing the clean look on me and his sister.

Moving forward, fashion and beauty trends change, and so do nail trends. But despite edgier, funky, and modern nails, the classic French Tip is still the “default manicure.”

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This is the classic French tip, the base is usually coated with colorless nail polish and sometimes painted with a subtle pink shade. The tip of the nails is painted with white nail polish. I find the length of these nails perfect; they’re not short or too long. Guys don’t like girls who have long witch-like nails. They think it’s not attractive.

But, French tips have undergone an evolution. Bright colors have replaced the usual white tip of the nails, and some designs are even combined with loud colors, glitters, and sparkles.

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This is a cross between the French Tip and Ombre. The colorless nail polish is replaced with different colors for each nail as well as the tip. If you are to observe, do you notice that she alternated the colors? Very interesting.

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The picture right here shows a reversed French tip. This is a different take on the classic, not distinctively extraordinary but still a very clever design. You may opt for bright colors to start your summer beautifully.

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This is a winsome design reminiscent of strawberries and the mushrooms in the Mario Brothers video game. Crystals adorn the nails, which is a welcome twist since the sparkles are noticed from afar.

If you are to create your own style, the key is to be different. Never be afraid to make a bold statement, originality will take you far. And keep a keen eye on details because this is what will make your manicure stand out!

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  1. I too love a good manicure. The no-fail way to make it last leognr is toapply it with top coat every day or at least every other day. You’ll besurprised how much leognr your mani lasts.Sincerely,Mich (Fashionista from Chicago).

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