Q: Shelf Life of Cosmetics?

Beauty junkies tend to hoard makeup, and I’m a self-confessed makeup hoarder. I always end up buying more than what I need (especially with lipstick) that I forget that I have it in my possession. I buy just for the sake of buying, and, really, I’m a little obsessed with cute packaging. It really gets my attention.

So why am I revealing this? It’s because I’m letting you all know that cosmetics have an expiration date. It is also to help you avoid using products that should be thrown in the trash.

1. Foundation – Foundations hide flaws and even out the skin tone. There are actually different types of foundation for each skin type: tinted moisturizers, cream foundation, liquid foundation, concealer, mineral foundation and airbrush.

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Shelf life: Usually, two years, but mineral makeup (like “Bare Escuentals”) doesn’t have an expiration date.

Question: There’s no box and no expiration date so how do I know if my foundation has expired?

Answer: Take a sniff of the foundation, and you’ll be able to gauge, particularly if it smells a bit funky. You can also check the texture of the foundation.

2. Mascara – Gone are the days when mascara used to have one color. Now, there are different colors in the market. Mascara opens and brightens up the eyes but it can also irritate your peepers if worn past its expiration.

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Shelf Life: Six months

Question: What are the signs of expired mascara?

Answer: Most mascara has dark packaging and you won’t be able to see the texture inside, unlike clear mascaras. Try to sniff the tube, and if you sense that there is a foul smell then you’d better ditch it.

3. Eye shadow – Eye shadows give color to plain eyes. It can soften or sharpen the look. It works wonders but can also be a big disaster.

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Shelf Life: Eye shadows can last up to two years.

Question: How do I find out if my eye shadow is expired?

Answer: Again, check the color and the smell. If it doesn’t smell nice and clean, forget it. Using expired eye shadow will certainly irritate the eyes.

4. Powder – Powders are really heaven-sent especially for oily skin types. It helps keep the face matte and looking really fresh.

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Shelf Life: It can last up to two years.

Question:Any signs that my powder is expired?

Answer: While it can be hard to tell the signs of expired powder since the texture and smell won’t change, just make sure to toss it out after two years. Simple.

5. Blush – Blush adds color to a pale face. It makes you look fresh and gorgeous in an instant

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Shelf Life: A cream blush can only last for twelve months while a powder blush lasts for two years.

Question: Signs of expired blush?

Answer: A cream blush will exhibit the easiest to read tell-tale signs; the texture and smell obviously changes. A powder blush is less obvious so simply toss it out after 2 years.

After all is said and done, the best way to help your makeup last longer is to refrain from exposing it in a hot area. Store it in the fridge to preserve all your cosmetics!
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