How to Take Care of Your Makeup Tools

Makeup enhances your face, right? But it takes the “proper tools” to help you achieve the look you want. The tools can be as good as your makeup, and can also be expensive.

What are the tools? These are your brushes, sponge, tweezers, and eye lash curler. It is also a good investment to have the tools especially if you’re a makeup artist or if you’re just starting. And it needs extra care to maintain it.

1. Brush – there are actually different types of brush and different types of bristles. There’s the blush brush, eye blender brush, eye shadow brush, powder brush, lip brush and the list goes on. There are natural bristles like squirrel, goat, sable and pony as well as synthetic bristles. These brushes can last long if you know how to take good care of them. So how do I do that? How do I clean my brushes? How often do I have to clean it? What will I use to clean my brushes?

First off, store it in a brush roll or bag or in a cup, but make sure that the bristles are stored upright, not the other way around, since it will deform the bristles. Cleaning the brushes can be fun but can be laborious. Bristles can also be like your hair, use only a mild soap, and make sure to rinse very well. Use a drop of baby shampoo, or an anti-bacterial hand-wash mixed with a drop of olive oil, on your palm, and swipe the brush back and forth to absorb the soap. Do it continuously until the makeup disappears. Rinse the brush but don’t let the water go through the whole head of the brush as the bristles are glued to the base. Wrench or squeeze the bristles, and use a brush guard to help maintain the shape of the brush. It is a must to clean this equipment at least twice a month.

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2. Sponge– One of the basic essentials in makeup application. It helps blend your foundation. There are expensive sponges like the makeup blender that comes with a blender cleaner, and there are those synthetic sponges that are disposable. If you have no idea how clean it, all you have to do is wet the sponge, lather with soap until it goes back to its original color. Rinse it well to avoid bacteria build up.

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3. Powder puff – The most used equipment since it is used to retouch when the face gets oily. Always clean your powder puff to avoid blemishes. Just the same, wet and lather using the same soap that you use in cleaning your brushes. Rinse it well and dry before using.

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4. Eyelash Curler – An eyelash curler or curlash helps open up the eyes and is good when paired with mascara. So how do I clean my eyelash curler? Do I lather it with soap too? The answer is NO. The rubber pads in between should be replaced when it starts to wear out. You should replace it with another set of rubber pads since it protects the lashes from breaking.

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5. Tweezers – tweezers are used to shape our eyebrows, and they can also be painful when they get blunt. Plus, they won’t work as well. The best thing to do to maintain your tweezers is to have them sharpened when you feel them getting blunt.

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