Top LA Clubs: Greystone Manor

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The high life of Los Angeles would not be complete without hot clubs. Where else would young Hollywood celebs with money to burn go to hang out, have fun and, God forbid, get wasted?

Los Angeles is teeming with clubs, especially ones where ordinary mortals are forbidden to set foot in, but if you’re looking for the full-on high-end clubbing experience, visit Greystone Manor supperclub.

Greystone Manor is another awesome link in SBE Entertainment Group’s chain of restaurants, hotels and clubs.

If the name Greystone Manor has you conjuring images of grandeur, opulence and class, then you’re right on the money. Award-winning architect and interior designer Isaac Hobbs came up with a design that channels old Hollywood glamour, fitting the interior of Greystone Manor with elaborate moldings, ornate woodwork and irons gilded in gold. On the outside though, Greystone Manor’s architecture is a bit stark and very modern.

When you enter the gates of the club, you will pass by its verdant courtyard with willow trees dotting the landscape. From there, you will reach the grand ballroom where two regal staircases will lead you down to the party.

Greystone Manor’s famous dance floor boasts of not one, not two, but nine LED infused chandelier further heightening the club’s opulent surroundings. Ultra-modern sound and lighting systems set the party mood that does not let up until the wee hours.

Performers and aerialists add to the club’s unique atmosphere and keep the party in full swing with their choreographed vignettes.

The expansive dance floor is surrounded by two full-service bars where you can order cocktails and other mixes using only the best ingredients and created by some of the best mixologists around.

If dancing all night isn’t your thing, you can have a more intimate time with a group of pals at Greystone Manor’s secluded and luxurious lounge retreats where you can chill on vintage leather and velvet sofas.

In terms of satisfying the taste buds, Greystone Manor spared no expense. The club offers a menu created by SBE group’s executive Chef, Danny Elmaleh, the man behind the culinary gem that is Cleo.

And if you’re really looking to experience the best that Greystone Manor has to offer, you can reserve one of the club’s private bottle service tables where you and a handful of friends can order from Greystone Manor’s extensive menu of fine liquor and champagne.

It’s no wonder that celebrities are often spotted at the club or holding their private parties there. Greystone Manor offers the ultimate LA nightlife experience!

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