Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial

Megan Fox is one hot lass that boys and girls drool over. So what makes her sexy? Is it her well-sculpted body? Her perfectly arched brows? There is something about her eyes that enchants. Her eyes speak volumes and that adds up to her sex appeal.
I admit that she has one of the finest features among celebrities and any girl would want to look like her. While we all know that not all are blessed with the finest features we can all thank cosmetics because we can fake it somehow.
To get Megan’s look, start with the eyebrows, hers are somewhat thin and arched; get a picture of her and study her face. If you don’t have a well-defined brow, have it shaped at the salon. But, if you don’t have the time you can just apply concealer to temporarily hide stray hairs.
The Beauty Arsenal:
An eyebrow brush and a foundation brush
Model Co.’s eyebrow kit, T. LeClerc’s Eyebrow pencil in chatain and Concealer.
Start with a clean face. The eyebrows here are not shaved nor tweezed so you can see a lot of stray hairs.
Second step is to line your brows using an eyeliner so you can define what shape you want to create.
After lining the brows, fill in the spaces using a brown powder or Model Co’s eyebrow so the brows don’t look sharp.
Apply MAC’s boygirl eyebrow gel to lighten and keep the hair in place.
Apply concealer around the eyebrows to hide unwanted hairs and use a foundation brush to spread the concealer and you’ll get an arched brow in an instant.
For Megan’s sultry eyes
The Beauty Arsenal:
False eyelashes to make your eyes look more dramatic, kohl eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow.

Megan is always seen with smoky eyes and sometimes with just gold shimmer around her eyes. The best option is to purchase Urban Decay’s Naked or Naked 2 which offers you beautiful neutral color shades. It’s a must to apply kohl eyeliner around your eyes to make them look sharp and fierce. Apply falsies and swipe mascara to open up your eyes.

For the cheeks, opt for dewy to bronze to aim for that silky glowing skin like Megan’s and pink to nude lips to finish off the look.

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