There’s Nothing to Hide at the HYDE

hyde01.jpgHyde is a chic getaway for exclusive socializing. This club continues to be featured in magazines and newspapers with its dark, rich, upscale and luxurious décor and atmosphere. Hyde caters to the highest profile personalities, athletes and artists searching for the latest music.

In Short – Located in the old North space, but far-dressier than its predecessor, the first-floor lounge features leather and crocodile-trimmed upholstery with oversized Monkeywood tables. Under a pounded-copper ceiling, flickering candles suspended from the walls add an elegant touch. The bar offers a small plates menu of Asian fusion dishes, ranging from inventive sushi rolls to salmon sashimi. A simple DJ booth, dressed-up with Mac-mixing machine and heavy tech-equipment, features rotating rock DJs catering to A-listers like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.
Best Night To Go: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Celebrities: Maria Menounos, Derek Hough

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