Learn How to Dress Slim in Floral Prints like These Celebs!

Floral Prints are abloom on runways on major fashion capitals for the warmer seasons, and when you see them on models featured in the glossies, you fall in love with the feminine softness of the airy outfits. One thing pulls you back. Sure, they look good on willowy models, but would they look good on you? The good news is there’s more than one way to wear florals this summer, and even curvy celebrities are getting in on the action! Let’s take away something from these flower children so we can help ourselves to some flower power for summer!

Floral prints don’t have to put you on frumpy alert. If you do it right, floral print jeans don’t have to spell “mom jeans” in blazing color. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, to name a few, have already jumped on the floral print jeans bandwagon. And, they have done so in cheeky style.

We are listing the following celebrity tricks to get you started on flower power!

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  1. Well, she’s right that there’s not much fashion/style there. Jeans (especially light-colored ones) are work cehlots, and should be saved for when you’re doing physical work where their protection and resistance to wear-and-tear matters.That said, if your work involves the machinery of a gas station, where stains and spills are pretty much part of daily life, there’s no reason to be wearing something nicer. Grubby dress slacks don’t look any better than grubby jeans.It all just depends on your daily work routine. If you’re inside and interacting with people all day, slacks and a collared shirt would be a better choice (maybe even a casual jacket on top). If you’re outside working with your hands, jeans and a work shirt make perfect sense. +1Was this answer helpful?

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