Rock Goth Lips for Spring and Summer!

“What is gothic fashion?” you ask. Judging from the look favored by the modern fashion Goth, it’s a cross between punk and Victorian, since they (modern fashion Goths) are usually seen wearing all black ensembles. Both boys and girls wear dark makeup with black or deep red lips, and black nail polish

Not all can appreciate Goth makeup, not everyone has the confidence to pull a black lippy, but a great alternative is purple. While most makeup mavens advise that dark lips require the rest of your face to be neutral, this is not the case with the purple Gothic lip. You can pull off a smoky eye paired with plum lips, and the entire look comes off sleek and sophisticated.

Take a look at Uma Thurman in this Louis Vuitton Ad. The color balance (of the eyes and lips) is very interesting. The makeup doesn’t appear heavy or light, but the whole look exudes elegance.

There are different shades of purple, and the best bet for this look is plum. If you aren’t aware, plum is also the color of spring. It is a mix of red and blue, and is also a combination warm and cool tones. Best pair it with an eye shade that’s close to the shade of your lips to balance the look. This works best for evening wear.

These are two entirely different looks with the same lipstick shade. Take a look at Leighton’s makeup style. It looks every inch that of a gothic princess. Neutral shades were used on her eyes and she tops the whole look off in a black fashion ensemble and pseudo-Victorian hairstyle. The 2nd look preferred by Solange Knowles, features gold shimmer on the inner corner of lids blended with a deep brown eye shadow. Solange’s look brings out her inner Egyptian queen.

If you want to try out purple lips, it is also best to consider your outfit. Not all shades match the purple lips. You don’t want your whole look to be a ‘miss’ so try putting the fabric of your outfit close to your face. If the color of the fabric clashes with your purple lips, it’s best to wear that for another day. You should also keep in mind that if you use a light shade of purple with blue undertone, line your eyes or apply slightly darker eye makeup so as not to look washed out.

The whole look of this model screams sleek and edgy. The color of her outfit matches and blends well with her lips making this look simply fierce.

When trying to pull off purple Goth lips, make sure to try different shades of purple to find out what suits you best. Always think of your skin tone, eye color, and outfit, since violet is not a neutral shade that will go with everything.

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