AMIClubwear Recently Featured on CNN Blog

First the good news, AMIClubwear was recently mentioned on a CNN blog by Carl Azuz: Cause for celebration, isn’t it? But then I read further down the line and to my dismay he writes: Clothing retailer AMIClubwear, self-described as “the positive place for girls,” has options that would positively trouble more conservative fathers. The company throws revealing and tight styles into its mix of party dresses.

Can I detect a trace of sarcasm there? Perhaps, irony? But as a writer, I can only respect the tone with which he wrote those sentences. As a journalist, I just had to get to the truth of the matter and take a long hard look at the facts he presented. And the fact is more and more schools are taking measures to regulate how much skin is exposed in gowns for that much awaited prom night.

In fact, this year, US High Schools are implementing stricter dress codes for high school girls, which means, plunging necklines and thigh-high slits will be a thing of the past. To ensure that not one girl is turned away at the prom doors for violating dress codes, high school staff are creating presentations on what type of gowns will get the prom seal of approval. In some instances, high schools provide extensive avenues of information which clearly signify which attires will pose prom night problems. This means, if you arrive at the prom in an outfit that clearly violates prom outfit guidelines, you can be turned away promptly.

These are just a few prom outfits that won’t make the grade for decent prom dress.

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