How to Transform into a Femme Fatale Most Men Would Desire

There’s nothing wrong about being sweet and bubbly. It’s easy to be with someone pleasant. But sometimes “pleasant” translates to “boring”, and to keep yourself interesting enough to get to know, you’d have to pull that dark rabbit out of your magician’s hat. There’s a femme fatale in every woman just waiting to get her share of the limelight. And when she’s in the limelight, she’ll give you mysterious thrills you won’t get as the ubiquitous good-girl-next-door.

When we say girl-next-door we usually think of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock. We probably categorize them as such because of their movie roles, but as non-celebrities we’re not privileged to be in their inner circle. So, let’s leave it at that. They’re girl-next-door types and they have the squeaky clean, cheerful, giggly vibe of nice (?) girls everywhere. I’m not saying that ‘nice’ is boring. But ‘nice and sweet’ isn’t mysterious. And femme fatales know how to wield this ‘mystery’ expertly so when they leave an area, they also leave their mystique behind, much like the fragrant trail of a sultry perfume.

A woman isn’t born a femme fatale however. She develops femme fatale qualities as she comes into her womanly wiles. It can start with presentation. And presentation also includes fashion. Ruffles, flowery prints, pastel colors are definitely not for her. Think Angelina Jolie in ruffles. Incongruous, isn’t it? How will the world’s most famous pillow lips that ooze sensuality match up with the girlish sweetness of a ruffle-y confection?

Dark colors, drama, sleek and chic are Angelina’s fashion domain. And if you’re a wannabe femme fatale, it would be wise to follow suit.

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Now that you have the femme fatale fashion style down, perhaps it’s time to turn to ‘attitude’. A femme fatale is unpredictable. She breathes fire and ice and she’s always unflappable. When you think you have her in the palm of your hand, she turns those intense eyes on you and walks away as if she has better things to do. She’s available only when she wants to be. Because of this, men have long been enthralled by her. And history proves this. Its annals are filled with the likes of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Mata Hari; all of whom changed the course of a country and their men’s lives. If you want to be remembered like these iconic beauties then you have to change your tune.

  • High pitched voice? Modulate. Most femme fatales’ speaking voices are low and husky.
  • Screech whenever you see a cockroach? Control yourself. If you don’t want to feel the crunch- after- the- quash, walk on by. Only nice girls let out bloodcurdling screeches at the sight of a crunchy creature much smaller than them.
  • That lavender eye shadow has got to go. Think dark smoky eyes with wing tips for dramatic slanting eyes. Femme fatales sizzle, glower, smolder. They never bat their eyelashes like damsels in distress.
  • Bangs? Try a longer one that can be swept to the side. Full-on-bangs reek of innocence and sweetness. A femme fatale oozes earthy wisdom beyond her years.
  • Always pining for that much awaited text message? And scrambling to text back immediately? Wait. Don’t give in to the itch to reply. And before you reply, analyze the tone of his message. If it’s just a casual hello, don’t respond too eagerly. Play it cool.
  • He calls you out of the blue? Let your phone ring for a bit. When you do pick up, respond in your best husky bedroom voice. If he’s intrigued and starts asking questions about why it took you so long to pick up, brush the question off. After all, if you don’t answer the question, that’s not lying. Let him think you have better things to do than wait for his call. Even if you’ve been staring at your phone for hours.
  • When on a date with the object of your affection, control that bubble of delightful giggles that signals how pleased you are to be in his company. Fix him with a sultry gaze. Allow him to talk. Lead the conversation. But DON’T prattle. Prattling is so uncool. You can give him slight touches on his hand to express your interest, and make your gazes linger on him more as the night deepens, so he doesn’t lose his nerve if he’s not used to this new you.
  • Look available, but don’t be. At least, not until he expresses a genuine interest in you.

Now that you’re ready to assume that femme fatale persona, step into femme fatale threads. Since most of us can’t afford Ms. Jolie’s wardrobe, the next best thing to do would be: take yourself to and decide what dresses channel your femme fatale vibe.

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