Spring and Summer Trend: Flowery Prints, Pastel Shades, and Sweet Stripes

Celebrities have been spotted rocking dresses with flowery prints for spring and the start of summer. And who can blame them? With the sun higher on the horizon, the mood to gallivant is very much in evidence, and one can’t gallivant like a playful gazelle in black, can one? The smolder of winter has given way to the naughty glint of spring and summer with sweet smocks that bring out the ultimate girly girl. And she’s just raring to get out and spread sunny rays of cheer!

There have been countless celebrity sightings across the U.S of A, and sweet flowery prints are definitely in evidence even on the red carpet. But Hollywood A-listers are also spreading spring and summer cheer in bloom-y outfits while out to lunch or a paparazzi stroll!

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  1. Use bright corlos like pink, red, green, purple,and my best color BLUE. Make the forecast rainy or a warm and Little wind and sun with clouds!

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