Industrial Chic for Small Living Spaces

Whoever thought that the sparse accommodations of the 20th century would be such a hot look for interior design?

Exposed ducts, bricks and industrial lighting, all remnants of a bygone era, are cropping up in today’s modern homes and work spaces. Rough-hewn furniture is prized home décor, and that rough and unfinished look is all the rage in loft-style apartments and spacious modern houses. What’s great about industrial pieces is that they fit in quite nicely in contemporary or modern homes. Just remember to incorporate the design throughout your house and not just focus on one area, to achieve consistency.

But what if your living space is not quite so spacious? Worry not. There is still a way for you to get that industrial chic look for your place despite limited space. Tight budget? Also not a problem. There are several things you can do to get that utilitarian feel for your home without it costing an arm and leg. A lot of these things can be found in thrift stores and flea markets.

When incorporating industrial chic into a small living space, look for small pieces of furniture that have an industrial look to them. These pieces could be made of either wood or metal that has a rather worn, utilitarian feel. Think stools, lamps and other small items.

Inject that industrial feel into your living room by placing an industrial lamp right next to your sofa. You can also replace your bulky shelf with metal or stainless steel shelving. Not only will this help achieve the industrial chic look you’re going for, it will also help save a lot of space.

Incorporate industrial chic into your kitchen and dining area by using stainless steel plate holders or plate racks that are made of worn metal. Replace modern lighting with old-school light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. You can also use metal or wooden stools in place of chairs and install a reclaimed wooden table to complete the look.

Bring the industrial styling into the bathroom by installing a vintage sink as well as vintage faucets and showerheads. If you have space for a tub, go for an old-fashioned claw-foot one.

If you’re willing to make some big changes to achieve your desired industrial look for your home, consider removing the dry wall covering of your ceiling to expose the beams and ductwork. Not only will that add height to your house, it will create that truly industrial look you want for your home.

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