Pay With a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet

Click this button and get 35% off any item in our catalogue.

AMI Clubwear enjoys offering great style at unexpected prices. But did you know that you can easily get even better deals? For example you can buy a $30 dress for about $0 or you can purchase a $20 pair of shoes for about $

Pay with a tweet and get an additional % off!

How it Works

  • Pay with a Tweet
  • Pay with a Tweet
  • Pay with a Tweet
  • Pay with a Tweet
  1. Click on the button Above.
  2. A new screen will take you to your twitter page so that you can post your selection as a tweet.
  3. As the final step, you will be able to download a coupon for 40% off your next order.
  4. Visit and redeem your coupon at checkout.

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