Kassandra Brooks, Designer of the Bubbles Swimsuit Line for AMIClubwear, Joins Women in Celebrating the Bikini’s 61st!

The bikini turns 61 this year and women all over the world, who have worn it to highlight their unique feminine beauty, are invited to join the bikini party! And why wouldn’t women join in the celebration? The bikini has been a staple in most women’s summers. As spring approaches, a female buzz fills the air as women get ready to shed the poundage that was necessary to keep warm during the winter months. Spring magazines begin to feature articles that guide women towards healthy bikini-ready-bodies for the balmy summer days spent at the beach.

Looking way back, this spring rite modestly took off when French engineer Louis Réard announced his creation of the bikini, a 2 piece swimsuit that featured a navel-baring- innovation that distinguished it from its earlier counterpart called the atome. If both swimsuit names were connected to the birth of the atomic bomb, it is because the designers knew that the daring swimsuits would be met with some sort of explosion comparable to the atomic bomb.

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Find out more about Kassandra Brooks’ Bubbles Swimsuit Line for AMIClubwear by watching this video!

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