Yang Yang Unveils AMIClubwear’s First TV Commercial Featuring the Hottest AMI Models!

AMIClubwear.com’s presence has been felt online for many years. In fact, the company earned its first stripes as a premier online retailer offering quality fashion items at affordable prices. It had gained such a large following that it expanded its online influence via social media channels to accommodate customers’ questions that went beyond mere customer queries.

yang-video1 But social media channels and YouTube proved not enough for the growing influence of AMIClubwear.com. In an unprecedented move, AMIClubwear is making its strong presence felt on TV as it unveils its first ever TV commercial (announcing a 30 percent off sale using code: TV30) featuring its hottest models: Kassandra, Megan, Alexia, and Ashleigh!

yang-video2 When entrepreneur extraordinaire Yang Yang envisioned her company, little did she know that her fashion and marketing savvy would create an impetus of sorts. The singular fashion forward women who found an ally in AMIClubwear.com, when it came to affordable yet quality fashion, had begun to embrace what AMIClubwear stood for. And AMIClubwear stood for living life to the fullest in classy threads that expressed the wearer’s personality without breaking the bank.

yang-video3 When a client embraces a company’s vision, the relationship deepens. They (the clients) begin to nurse a growing curiosity about the different facets of the company. Yang Yang says that “In AMIClubwear’s case, we started having questions, not only about the clothes, but also about the models. Then something clicked in place for me. These fashion savvy women were looking to AMIClubwear not only for the latest fashion finds but also for a ‘lifestyle’ they identified the company with.” True to form as a sharp entrepreneur, Yang Yang reached out through social media channels and YouTube.

yang-video4 Not surprisingly, AMIClubwear rapidly gained a following, and the AMI image suddenly evolved with distinct clarity. Yang Yang goes on to say, “If you’re sharp enough, ultimately, you’ll know that you don’t dictate your company’s direction. As AMIClubwear grew, I felt very much like a sailor in search of wind to set my sail’s directions. I found that AMIClubwear’s loyal customers would unerringly express their needs or requirements; this gave me the impetus to move in the right direction. If there’s one thing my father taught me; it’s the ability to listen. I listen to my customers, and though I make my judgment calls, a big part of my decision is also influenced by invaluable customer feedback.”

That said, Yang Yang is steering her ship once again and the wind is telling her to set sail for uncharted territory. “I’m comfortable with challenges and breaking new ground. This TV commercial I started out with, announcing a 30 percent sale, will only be the first of many TV commercials broadcasting what we have to offer the smart, fashion savvy shopper. I am confident AMIClubwear will only set sail for exciting waters with this new development. After this TV commercial, there’s no turning back. Things for us at AMIClubwearwill only get more exciting as we gift our loyal customers with better offers, better products, and exciting mediums to connect with AMIClubwear fashion ideals.”


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