Mullets Are Back in Fashion! Why You Should Get with the Trend

Mullets, which caught on like wildfire in the 80’s, are or were (?) viewed with a great deal of fashion derision. Walk down any street in any fashion capital and you’d instantly be proclaimed a fashion victim if you sported the hairstyle Germans used to call “Vokuhila” (an acronym for: vornekurz, hintenlang) which means: short in front, long in back. THAT aptly describes what a mullet hairstyle is all about. If Vidal Sassoon (cult hairdresser who snipped hair for the first ever pixie cut and geometric bob) strived for edginess and asymmetrical balance in every hairstyle he created; the mullet is certainly not a hairstyle that boasted aesthetic balance.

Why is that? It seems that the mullet has its roots in rebellion;with the Huns (nomadic people who migrated to Europe in 370 AD)cropping their hair close to the head in front and keeping their hair long and loose down their backs. From then on, it was almost customary for rebels (who wanted to differentiate themselves from the Romans) to don what was called the “Hun” cut. It is therefore easy to see why historically, the common man would express his non-conformity in a style that defied hair aesthetics.

It was in the 80’s however when the mullet hit pay dirt. Celebrities sported punk and bouffant mullets with spikes and highlights. In fact, popular bands like Duran Duran wore elaborately teased and sprayed mullets that would have looked matronly if not for their elaborate costumes and smoldering eye makeup. The mullet then transitioned into gender-bender territory with artists like Prince (or as he calls himself now, the artist formerly known as Prince whose name is now an unreadable glyph) and Boy George flaunting their unconventional tastes in the hairstyle.

Here are a few examples of mullet-wearing celebrities of the 70’s and 80’s.

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