How to Snag Beyonce’s Bootylicious Style!

Tom Ford (fashion designer) has said “Beyonce is a force. You feel it when she looks you in the eyes and smiles.” It hasn’t always been this way however. During her early years as a young singer of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce couldn’t even borrow clothes from fashion showrooms. Now, international designers sing her praises and fall all over themselves to get her to pour her voluptuous form in creations designed for her. The media mileage created by one successful Beyonce run on the red carpet will get any designer the attention he/she craves for his/her collection in mere minutes. That roughly translates into loads of shots on celebrity and fashion magazines as well as the online world. That is why Beyonce is the certified darling of the fashion world in this decade.

And just by looking at her you’d know why so many women look up to her style-wise. She definitely is not a waif. She has curves in the right places. And she has a booty that could launch a thousand ships. In fact, the hit Bootylicious was a sort of ode to the lushness of the female figure, with part of the lyrics going “I shake my jelly at every chance. When I whip with my hips you slip into a trance. I’m hoping you can handle all this jelly that I have. Now let’s cut a rug while we scat some jazz.”

I don’t know about you, but those lyrics ain’t singin’ about someone skinny. For someone so amazingly beautiful, all honey skin, caramel hair and curves-to-die-for; women surprisingly don’t view her as a rival (the way they do, say, someone like Angelina Jolie). They identify with her and dance to her music that sings of girl power. It’s no surprise therefore that most women with ample curves look to her for fashion inspiration. Let’s take a look at some of her more popular looks on the red carpet, and everywhere else!


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