Color Your Life Bright!

Everybody’s been stuck in a rut at one point or another. But when you’ve got the blahs, and you feel like there’s just nothing that makes your life stand out, perhaps you should take things into your own hands. After all, if we really think about it; we are the writers of our story; we are the captains of our ship; we are the designers of our lives. So if our world is a bit gray at the moment we can choose to paint it brilliant colors!

But we can take small steps first. We can start with taking a look at our wardrobes. Are there too many blacks, browns, grays or worse, tone-on-tone beige? Chances are, if you’ve been stuck in a rut, your clothes will reflect it. Why? Because you’re too discouraged to make any effort to try something different so you stick to what’s safe. And what’s safe in fashion is usually – boring. If you’re not careful, you might blend with the walls of an establishment and become the ultimate wallflower. Before that happens take your first step towards color!

If living in Monochrome Nation has made you a bit leery of bright colors, start with a pop of color. Perhaps, you can start by using a scarlet top with your black ensemble for the office. If you’re feeling a bit frisky, why not don a pair of red pumps with your little black dress. If you’re wearing beige, there’s no harm in carrying around a canary yellow bag. Simply inject your safe outfit with pops of color and you’ll notice that you’ll begin to feel a change in minutes. And when you begin to feel a return to vivacity, the people around you will begin to pick up on your cues, and they will take notice of your subtle change.

When you’re a bit comfortable with the reemergence of color on your person, you might want to try brilliant shades on your nails instead of the usual French tip. You can start with a shade of poppy if you’re in that experimental mood. If poppy’s a bit too flashy for you at the moment, you can go a quirky shade of lavender. Slowly experiment with having brighter and brighter nails. Before you know it, you’ll be sporting ultra-glam, colorful nails. You’d probably even indulge in a session of nail art when you become more comfortable wandering outside your color comfort zone.

Once you’ve stepped into the circle of color, perhaps you’d want to try a flash of vivid hue on your lips. You can paint your puckers a coral hue. You can swipe on a sultry scarlet lipstick and channel your inner Marilyn. You might have a disco diva hidden under all that conventionality, and it might just take a brilliant fuchsia lippy to coax her out. What I’ve gained from the conventional wisdom developed by years of fashion experimentation is: Once a woman starts swiping vivid color on her lips, there’s no turning back.

Now that you’ve put some color back into your fashion style, perhaps, you can now paint the rest of your world bright with amazing experiences and brilliant days. While you’re at it, you can choose from this amazing selection at AMIClubwear!

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