Fashion Inventiveness

My penchant for dress-up started at the tender age of 3. And, proof that I understood the power of the high heel is evident in a black-and-white shot of me, as a toddler in diapers, walking around in my mom’s white pumps. Even my earliest memory (at 2) involved fashion. I obviously knew what I wanted to wear at that tender age, and wouldn’t take fishnet stockings forced on me, sitting down. Oh no.

I recall my mom putting a short, pink dress over my head and slipping my stubby legs into fishnet stockings before putting my feet into white, patent Mary Janes. And, soon after, I remember erupting into a full-blown temper tantrum complete with howls of defiance.

But, that said, my first real brush with fashion started when I was 5. I had seen a young lady with flowing hair walk by, attired in a soft white shirt tucked into a mini, feet shod in delicate sandals. Yes, my eyes swept over her from head to foot. How else would I have known what she had worn? It wasn’t the breezy ensemble that caught my eye however; it was her long nails painted with a pale lilac hue. I looked down at my own stubby ones and knew that it would be ages till I get them that long. So, off I went in search of something to simulate her lilac nails. Fortunately, my mother had a small garden with simple five-petal-blooms in different colors. And, much to my delight, I discovered that if I licked the backs of the plucked petals, they’d actually be glued to my fingernails for a good 10 minutes! Voila! Long, lilac nails. That feeling of childish delight at any sort of fashion inventiveness has never left me.

A discarded cocktail ring can be the centerpiece around which a whole wardrobe is created. A shoe can lock in the attitude of 4 or 5 attires. A pair of unique earrings can set the mood for a couple of bohemian maxis. An ornate belt can dress up a simple shift in a solid color. The list goes on. There is absolutely no shortage of inspiration in the fashion sphere. Fashion derailment is experienced only when you don’t allow yourself to dream.

Because, spreading your fashion wings requires an inventiveness that permits you to see beyond fashion trends set by the elite fashion guards who dictate “what’s a hit”, and “what’s a miss.” They are not the elite fashion guards for nothing though, and haute couture is still haute couture. But, I’m also all about creating an outfit that will fit in with your life. So, go ahead, pore over haute couture creations for the sheer pleasure of it. How else will you get ideas for creating a look that is truly your own?

Photo Credits: lishtopia: Nails Inc – Pembroke Close,

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