Spring-Summer Fashion Trends: Scarves

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Scarves have been around for ages. In Ancient Rome, scarves weren’t used as a fashion accessory; nor were they used to keep warm. Scarves were used by the Romans to keep themselves clean. These ancient Roman scarves were called sudarium which means “sweat cloth” and were used to wipe the sweat from the face and neck in warm weather. In countries like China and Croatia, scarves were once used to denote a soldier’s rank. Men’s scarves were sometimes called cravats and were the forerunners of the necktie. By the 19th century, the scarf turned into a bona fide fashion accessory for both men and women.

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There are essentially three basic scarf shapes: square, rectangular and triangular. Scarves are made from a wide variety of materials. Some of the most commonly used materials in making fashion scarves include silk, cashmere, pashmina, and fleece.

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The scarf went out of style for a brief period but has since made a comeback. It is now one of the most versatile fashion accessories around. Women and men alike can be seen wearing scarves made of various materials. Women in particular have been sporting this popular accessory in a variety of innovative ways. The scarf is worn to bring a simple look to life. A t-shirt and jeans ensemble can get a huge boost from a brightly colored scarf. Women have also been using scarves to add glamour to their look, which is achieved by wearing a scarf on their wrists, or tying it around the strap of their handbags. Recently, women have been using scarves as head accessories to channel old Hollywood glamour and exude that vintage vibe. As a head accessory, the scarf adds classic elegance to a woman’s look. It can also be worn in several different ways:

  • As a classic headband, a scarf adds color to your hairstyle. To wear this, simply flip your hair upside and put the center of the scarf at the forehead. Tie the ends in a knot, flip your hair back and arrange it as you desire.

  • As a low bun wrap, a head scarf adds sophistication to an otherwise plain hairstyle. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Fold your scarf into a triangle and place its long ends at your hairline. Bring the edges around and tighten it under your ponytail. Twist your ponytail and tie the ends of the scarf together, to create a tight bun.

  • To channel old Hollywood glamour, fold your scarf into a triangle and place the long edge just above the hairline. Cross the ends under your chin, and then tie them loosely at the back of your neck. Complete the look with a classic pair of oversized sunglasses.

For more detailed instructions about wearing scarves with panache, take a look at this cute video! If this won’t have you running to find the scarf of your dreams, we don’t know what will.

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